Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nobody Said Blogging Would Be Easy

No kidding! Blogging can be downright difficult always trying to come up with stuff. I check in over at Scott Kelby's blog daily and even he sometimes has nothin', like that one time that he "called in lame".

My original intent was to try to blog at least twice a week. I mentioned early on that photography is not my main gig; I have another full-time career. This creates two challenges 1) coming up with ideas for the blog, as sometimes my mind in not always on photography, and 2) actually getting the ideas written and posted.

In addition, the weather is getting much better outside. My wife and I have stepped off of our winter treadmills and are now hitting the road and running outside. What's more, we signed up for our first 5k race in June. We've been training about 3 to 4 times per week in order to get ready and this takes up a fair amount of time, too. But hey, we're healthy and we're actually enjoying running outside (when it's not pouring rain, that is).

Anyway, I'm trying hard not to have this perceived as "calling in lame". I'm working on some blog updates and will have something up shortly.




  1. lol I call in lame regularly - maintaining a blog is really not as easy as some make it look!

  2. Hey Kare,

    yup, we just make it look easy...