Sunday, September 27, 2015

Getting Off the (Well) Beaten (Tourist) Path

Digging back into the archives for this photo from 2007. Anyone ever been to Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia? It's a beautiful little place; however, it can also be a very busy place as it's an extremely popular tourist destination.

I've had the chance to see it, and hoping to get back there again next year.  I was able to get there relatively early, and while there were others already there was able to avoid the massive crowds. But that all changed when four large tour buses arrived!

Now I love shooting wide angle, sweeping landscapes, and I was able to do that here. In fact I got pretty much the same "tourist photos" that a lot of people get (hey I was still new at photography), and pretty sure I found the exact tripod marks from so many others before me...see the images below, for example.

But when those tour buses arrived I had to start to think like a photographer, and choose a new strategy. I decided to change my approach to eliminate the crowds and look for something unique. In this case I took a stroll off the well beaten tourist path where I found these two beat up little boats. The next thing I did was to zoom in a bit more to eliminate any distracting elements around them.

Try this the next time you're battling a lot of crowds. Take a walk off the path a little, and try zooming in a bit more to eliminate distractions, get some of those detail shots that help to fill in the story you're trying to tell.



Sunday, September 13, 2015

"The Post" - Part 3 - Milky Way Over Nelson

Hey everyone, here is the third and final instalment of my Milky Way over Nelson series of the "The Shot," "The Shoot & The Gear," and "The Post."

Here's a video on how I post processed my Milky Way images. Really simple processing using only Lightroom.