Saturday, January 16, 2016

My List of Photographers to Follow on Instagram (so far!)

I was a very late adopter to Instagram, but I finally joined lat last year and I'm really liking the experience.  In my short time I've found a few photographers that consistently put out some great work.

So here's my list, in no particular order, of amazing photographers to follow on Instagram (so far):

Dave Black (@daveblackphoto) - actually Dave is the reason I initially joined Instagram. He only posts on Instagram and creates some truly inspirational images. He's a sports photographer and creative lighting genius - whether with a speedlight or large/small flashlight his creative lighting images are incredible.

Kalebra Kelby (@kalebra_kelby) - if you want to see what can be done with an iPhone then this is who you want need to follow. Extremely talented, a great storyteller, and one of the warmest and kind hearted people you could ever meet.

Rob Foldy (@robfoldy) - commercial sports photographer, portraits or action doesn't matter, he nails it every time.

Paul Zizka (@paulzizkaphoto) - landscape and adventure photographer - it seems he's either somewhere at sea level, or thousands of feet above creating stunning images.

Scott Kelby (@scottkelby) - a little bit of everything from travel, to portraits to sports - a great eye for composition and colour, and his images always tell a great story.

Toby Harriman (@tobyharriman) - cityscape, seascape, landscape and timelapse -  he also does some cool things with light and spends a fair bit of time well above sea level.

Mike Taylor (@taylor_photo) - think nighttime, think stars, think milky way - a beautiful collection of images.

Bruce Getty (@gettyphotography) - sunrise, sunset, long exposure, amazing colours, and I'll take a wild guess that he has an affinity for bridges.

Colby Brown (@colbybrownphotography) - landscape and travel photography, pretty sure he's never passed a lake or waterfall he didn't capture beautifully.

Hope you check them out, and you can hit me up on Instagram at the same time!