Sunday, June 5, 2011

50th Anniversary Couple

A couple of weeks ago I photographed a couple for their 50th Anniversary. This was no ordinary couple; it was my parents who will be celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary in June. So first of all I have to say Happy Anniversary!

My mother had talked about getting a current photo for the occasion so I decided to turn the living room into a makeshift studio and invite them up. Besides, it’s not every day the kid gets to be the director and tell the parents what to do.

I was told that I only had 30 minutes as they were on tight schedule (you know how retired people are). So we got started and did some typical stand up poses first and then they got somewhat comfortable on the floor for some sitting shots, both done against a simple backdrop.

I also wanted to do something a little more casual so we headed to the kitchen as we have a large set of sliding glass doors going out into the back yard, which let in a lot of light, so I was hoping to use that to my advantage.

Set-up... I was basically using 2 lights, both SB900s. My main light was the 24 in. Lastolite Easy Box and my fill came from a small shoot through umbrella. In the last 2 photos, I used just the umbrella as my main.

Oh yeah… I did get this all done within 30 minutes so they were able to keep to their busy social schedule.