Monday, March 28, 2011

Around the Bay Road Race - March 27, 2011

The 30k Around the Bay Road Race, North America's oldest road race, challenges thousands of runners every year to see what they are made of. I have known about this race for quite a long time, but this year it has a different meaning. Last year I became a runner. I'm still not sure when it happened, still not sure how or why it happened, but it did. Last year I tacked on a runners bib and ran three 5k races...I was hooked! This year the goal is a number of 10k races (currently working on a sub 60 min. time). Next year? Maybe a half or perhaps I can convince my wife to run the Around the Bay two person relay at 15k each... however, I 'm pretty sure I'll be one to run all of the hills in last half.

I thought this was a great opportunity to grab my camera and head down to the half-way point to support and cheer on the runners, and capture some of the race action.

I think this sign at the half-way point says it all!

Here are the two front runners approaching the 15k mark at around 48 minutes.The runner in red, Derek Nakluski of Kitchener, Ontario, was the men's winner crossing the finish line in 1:37.15. 

Ah yes, the 2 hour pace bunny... love the ears!



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