Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sometimes You Have To Look Up

If you’re trying to get a different perspective with your photos then try looking up sometimes, you just might like what you see!

One of the many things I’ve learned about photography along the way is to take the time shoot your subject from a variety of angles; don’t just put the camera up to your eye and shoot straight ahead (believe me, I’ve seen this many people do this).  Shooting from many different angles will give will you lots of options to choose from (especially if you’re travelling because you may not get back to that location for a very long time, if at all).

Shooting up is one of my favourite angles.  Buildings, architecture and other structures present a unique opportunity to try this, and you’re forced to look up. Instead of trying to capture the entire structure in your shot, try to focus on a specific section and find a strong composition. Here are few of my favourites.

The first 2 were taken at Balls Falls Conservation Area. There’s this old barn that’s weather beaten which gives it a lot or character, and at the peak is an old weather vane. It was the weather vane that drew my attention; I just wish it was turned a little more to give it a better profile.  The blue sky is one part natural and one part circular polarizer that helps to saturate the sky and draw out the deep blue colour.

This next photo a little white church. Here I was drawn to the steeple/bell tower and the cross atop it. The green diamond was a bonus as it adds a nice splash of colour and the clouds added a nice backdrop. Again, a circular polarizer was used to give the sky that nice deep blue colour.

This last photo was taken in downtown Hamilton during Scott Kelby’s first Worldwide Photowalk (the 3rd annual Photowalk is on July 24th if you’re interested). I just took a chance, tilted the lens up and I liked what I saw. I took some time to get the lines all going the same way, but in the end It worked for me.

So the next time you’re out shooting try looking up… oh yeah, don’t forget that looking down can have the same effect, too.



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