Sunday, March 29, 2015

Project Feline - (Part 1 - "The Shot! or Shots!")

Here we go with another installment of "The Shot", "The Shoot & The Gear," and "The Post."

The background goes something like mother-in-law wanted some photos of our babies (i.e., our fur babies).  My wife went out and found a frame with 3 4x6 slots in a portrait format, which was perfect as we have 3 cats. So now I had 2 options, 1) scour my Lightroom catalog for existing photos, or 2) shoot new photos.

I did take a look through Lightroom, but I didn't see anything in a portrait format that had any consistency between the three; all of the backgrounds were different and I shot a lot of them in landscape orientation. So it was option 2...shoot new photos!

Stay tuned for Part 2 - "The Shoot & The Gear," where I'll review the lighting set-up among others things.



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