Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What's Your "Keeper" Rate?

Thom Hogan posted an article yesterday over on his site ( talking about his "keeper rate" and how some pros view this. It's worth a read, especially for an amateur photographer.

As for myself, there have been many times that I have shot over 100 images during an outing only to come back and find myself continuously hitting the reject button in Lightroom; realizing that I hadn't shot anything all that special. I struggle with trying to find a decent image in order to justify the time spent. So I end up with a zero in 100 keeper rate, whooo hooo!! However, I take solace in the fact that I have more good days than bad. 

Anyway, Thom's article left me with a couple of questions... Do professional, or serious hobby photographers, really have any magical little secrets to capturing stunning images? Or are they just more dedicated to their craft and demand nothing less from themselves than exceptional creativity and quality? If Thom's keeper rate is around 1 in 76, then I'm going to vote for the latter. I'm also going to take his advice about learning to push the boundaries of creativity. How about you?


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