Sunday, January 24, 2010

Spent Last Week in Southern California

I missed blogging last week...I was in beautiful sunny soggy Southern California. We flew into San Diego on Tuesday with 30mph winds and torrential rain (El Niño, is up to his old tricks and creating some pretty brutal weather for the southwest US).

At the San Diego airport, once you leave the baggage claim area you have to head up the escalator and over the pedestrian bridge to get to the rental car shuttles. Well, this was okay since it's all covered. Next you have to take another set of escalators back down and head over to the shuttle pick up area. This is wide open so you expect to get wet but you take solace in the knowledge that the shuttle area has large awnings for coverage. Although you think that you're somewhat protected from the rain you're not... not when it's raining sideways. We got soaked in less that 5 minutes.

Picked up the rental car and the guy at the desk indicated that I really need to drive safe since they don't get this kind of winter storm weather in San Diego all that often. I mentioned that I'm from Canada where "winter storm" means more than just a lot of rain and that we Canadians are used to driving in bad weather. However, since San Diego County does not have any storm drains (they don't usually get a lot of rain) the water tends to build up on the roads and hydroplaning becomes a significant problem.

Anyway, it rained every day for the 4 days we were there... so much for the sunny weather we were hoping for.

Here's a flashback from a couple of years ago when the weather was a little better. This is the view along Torrey Pines State Beach as you head south out of Del Mar. As it should be in So rain!

 Canon Rebel XT, 17-85mm @ 72mm, 1/60 @ f16



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