Monday, December 21, 2009

Olympic Fever Came To Town This Weekend

The 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver are not too far off and the Olympic Torch is making it's 106 day, 45,000 km journey across Canada. This past weekend the Torch made it's way into our little part of the world traveling though Oakville, Ontario on Saturday. I braved the cold weather for almost 90 minutes to try and capture a few shots but, I wasn't the only one who showed up. I overheard a police officer say to his partner after they arrived "welcome to the chaos". Actually, all the officers did a really good job with crowd and traffic control on a very cold day with a lot of excited and proud Canadians. Everyone was pretty well behaved, though.

After waiting for what felt like a very long time, the Torch finally arrives...

I was lucky to have parked myself at a relay point, but the support/security runners were hard to shoot around...

The hand off happened really fast and the Torch continued on it's way...

Saludos for now.


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